Is all of this too small for you?
JWE-BANSS also offers system solutions on a large industrial scale. Please see our general industry catalogue.


Is all of this too big for you?  
JWE-BANSS also offers non-industrial system solutions. Please see our brochure for tradespeople.

For satisfied customers

Knowledge advantage through partnership:
JWE-BANSS has been working closely with research and development institutions for many years. These partnerships ensure that the latest scientific findings are always being incorporated into our innovative system solutions.
In addition, maintaining close ties with our customers ensures that we are able to respond very quickly to changing user requirements and market conditions.

Global market leader:
JWE-BANSS is among the world’s leading companies for slaughtering and meat processing systems. Satisfied customers around the globe attest to the outstanding quality of our products.
JWE-BANSS is listed in the lexicon of international market leaders from Germany and holds the official world market leader seal.



Outstanding hygiene
Hygiene plays an extremely important role in food production. That is why our systems are designed and built to support the best possible product quality with ultimate hygiene in the entire work process.


Safety in the workplace
To protect the health of your personnel, we pay close attention to ergonomic operation and all relevant safety aspects with our systems.


JWE-BANSS advantages

Excellent pre-sales service:
Every system is a perfect fit thanks to customer-specific planning, development and fabrication.


Highest manufacturing quality:
Our systems are designed for a long service life with unchanging quality.


Leading technology:
We offer innovative solutions through cooperation with scientific research and development institutions.


Excellent after-sales service:
We ensure rapid troubleshooting or replacement part deliveries, and handle modifications of existing systems.


Know-how transfer:
We offer support for the preparation of investment plans.


All-in solutions:
We realise turnkey slaughtering and meat processing systems on request.


Long-term partnership:
As our customers grow, we make sure the systems grow along with them. In numerous cases since many years.