Complete plants

JWE-BANSS plans and delivers complete slaughtering systems for pork and beef worldwide. Based on many years of experience, we realise customer-specific solutions, both for complete plants and for individual machines or components. The quality and reliability of our products is number one for us.

for Pig

Therefore, our systems – regardless of the automation level – meet all requirements with regard to animal welfare, hygiene, ergonomics, occupational health and safety and environmental protection. We work with great care on the quality of our products, designing them for a long service life and the greatest possible reliability.

Since JWE-BANSS has been working closely with research and development institutions for many years, we are always able to incorporate the latest scientific findings into innovative system solutions.

2. Bleeding
JWE-BANSS supplies components such as horizontal bleeding tables, elevators, blood collection systems and blood processing systems for bleeding the animals. These components ensure highly effective bleeding and reduce the danger of contamination to an absolute minimum.

3. Pre-Cleaning
For best efficiency of the scalding process, the carcasses are cleaned with our washing machines.

4. Scalding and dehairing
The end result of scalding and dehairing is largely influenced by the scalding procedure and selected dehairing machine. The scalding time, temperature of the scalding water, seasonal factors and the race of the pig also have an effect on the end result. JWE-BANSS offers an ideal machine combination to suit every slaughtering output.

5. Cleaning
In order to ensure that the carcasses meet the highest possible quality and hygiene standards, machines such as drying and whipping machines, singer furnaces and cleaning and washing systems can be installed (optionally). JWE-BANSS offers a very diverse range of machinery in this area.

6. Slaughtering line
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JWE-BANSS has various methods of designing workstations and veterinary inspection in an ergonomic and efficient manner. We can deliver a wide range of solutions for the removal of white and red organs, separating and sawing, lifting platforms, veterinary inspection, trimming and the transportation of by-products.

7. Cooling, dismantling and dispatch
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JWE-Baumann offers different conveying devices which can be adapted to suit the logistical requirements of the customers.