Stunning Transformer

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  • Specifications

  • Stunning and registration combined in one advice

  • Robust stainless steel housing

  • Stunning of pigs, sheep and goats possible

  • Easy handling and display

  • Power and voltage display, can by shown enlarged (on whole display)

  • Optical and acoustic signal

  • Data storage on microSD-card (approx. 100.000 stunning processes)

  • External data saving on PC through supplied USB-Card reader

  • Easy data display on PC with Excel (standard program, no additional Software needed)

  • Display and recording of date, hour, power, voltage, stunning time and stunning processes

  • History data display directly on the device possible

  • Delivery Contents

  • Stunning advice with integrated recording device incl. power cable

  • Operating instructions

  • MicroSD-card (for approx. 100.000 stunning processes) with USB-Card reader

  • Technical Data

  • Line voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz

  • Apparent power: 750 VA

  • Stunning voltage: 250-360 VAC

  • Limit resistance: 1,7 kOhm

  • Sensor voltage: 12 VDC

  • Protection class: I

  • Type of protection: IP54

STO-110, STO-100, ST-VA

Stunning Tongs

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  • STO-110 | STO-100

  • Housing made of blue plastic

  • Stunning tongs pneumatically actuated

  • Compressed air connection

  • Convenient distribution of weight

  • Complete electrical insulation

  • Options

  • Version for sows

  • ST-VA

  • Arms made of type 1.4301 stainless steel with rubber grips

  • Handling without switch

  • Convenient distribution of weight

  • Complete electrical insulation

  • Accessories: spiral cable, suspension spring