Mode of Operation and


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With model series DMC 200-1 to 840-3 JWE-BANSS utilizes international experience and the latest scientific findings in the development of continuous dehairing machines. After pre-scalding has been completed using either a scalding tunnel or the scalding tank, the pigs are brought through into the dehairing machine by means of introduction chute.

Scalding with 60 °C (140 °F) hot water is constantly occurring with the dehairing process. After the dehairing process has been finished the ejection slide opens automatically and the carcass reaches the receiving plate conveyor or table.

In this regard JWE-Baumann offers a wide range of machines such as pre-cleaning machines (1) and whipping machines (2).

The JWE DM 50-60 is a two-roll dehairing machine for up to 100 pigs an hour.

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  • Spezifikationen

  • Handsteuerung

  • Maschinenkörper Stahlkonstruktion Edelstahl

  • Geschlossene Auswurfklappe, die den sauberen vom unsauberen Raum trennt

  • Zwei Enthaarungswalzen mit JWE-Enthaarungsschläger

  • Auswurfrechen über die Auswurfklappe betätigt

  • Kettenantrieb

  • Antriebsmotor 3,0 kW

  • Optionen
    Die optionale Abflammung in der Zwei-Walzen-Enthaarungsmaschine kann mit

  • Erdgas oder

  • Propangas

  • betrieben werden.

Abb. mit Erdgasflammung und Auswurftisch
DM 16

Two-Roll Dehairing Machine

The JWE DM 16 is a two-roll dehairing machine for up to 25 pigs an hour.

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  • Specifications

  • Manually operating

  • Machine body steel construction stainless steel

  • Closed ejection flap, separating the dirty area from the clean area

  • Two dehairing rolls are equipped with slightly bent JWE dehairing beaters

  • Ejection rake operate together with the ejection flap

  • Chain-drive

  • Drive gear motor 3,0 kW

  • Options
    The optional singeing in the two-roll dehairing machine can be used with

  • natural gas or

  • propane gas.

Fig. with natural gas singeing and ejection table